Molasses Sugar


At Ilanga Nature, we present you this sugar, full of character, to season your desserts and your spicy and sweet-salty preparations. Its intense color and its exhilarating smell accentuate its bittersweet flavor that does not leave the taste buds unmoved.


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A key ingredient in English cakes and a natural ally of health, Molasses Sugar is a warm, soft and delicate sugar. This raw sugar is unlike any other sugar, and has a unique flavour.

Molasses Sugar and its infinite uses

With its sticky texture, it is ideal for spicy dishes and sweet-and-sour sauces: barbecue or Worcestershire, marinades and even oyster sauces. Molasses Sugar is a good ingredient for amber rum. It is also suitable for making fruit cakes, gingerbread and biscuits.

The molasses gives the intense colour and aroma of some brown sugars. It has a mild bitter-sweet flavour. This organic cane sugar molasses provides you with the best of flavours. And it also has many other benefits.

A black wonder full of promises

This sugar is not only a must for hot drinks, it also has several virtues. It is now back to its glory thanks to its benefits. This star product of organic grocery department relieves sore throats and coughs. This black sugar, darker than Dark Muscovado is rich in minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron. It is easy to adopt. A small amount is enough since they are essential minerals which are hard to find in our daily diet. The potassium contained in Molasses Sugar strengthens muscles. And molasses is highly recommended for organic acid-base balance.

It is a low calorie product and with its intense aroma, you only need a few amounts in our preparations. This healthy sugar is delivered in its organic and unrefined version.


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Data sheet

Reference SMS500
Poids Net 500gr
Conditionnement Sac en kraft hermétique re-fermable
Origine Maurice
Énergie (KJ/Kcal) 1575/371
Matières grasses (g) ‹ 0,1
Glucides (%) 91,7
Protéines (g) 1
Sel (g) 0,55

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