Light Muscovado


Bring some sweetness from Mauritius to your dishes and desserts with this unrefined cane sugar. Pleasantly rich and vitamins loaded, the Light Muscovado allows health and gourmet pleasures combination. It is perfect for making truly delicious candies and pastries, with a plainly exquisite caramel aftertaste.


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The best sugar for cooking is « Light Muscovado ». Behind this poetic sounding name is a brown sugar with a little doughy and soft texture. Its grains are so fine that they literally melt on the tongue.

A must for the most delicious desserts

Imagine how these crystals will be spread over snacks preparations. Light Muscovado is a delight for the whole family. And if you often fail at making caramel, opt for this sugar instead. Its natural qualities make it perfect for everyday treats. By the way, it is only found in Mauritius.

Light Muscovado, un sucre pas comme les autres

Light Muscovado, a sugar like no other Standard Demerara. The technique also reveals unknown flavours, but typical of sugar. Like rapadura, it is full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It is pleasing on the palate and very good for health. It can help prevent some cardiovascular disorders. And it protects against cavities. If you want to stay slim, you should use this sugar to enjoy yourself.


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Data sheet

Reference SLM500
Poids Net 500gr
Conditionnement Sac en kraft hermétique re-fermable
Origine Maurice
Énergie (KJ/Kcal) 1668/392
Matières grasses (g) ‹ 0,1
Glucides (%) 97,6
Protéines (g) 0,3
Sel (g) 0,03

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