Star Anise


Originating from Asia, this rare and unusual spice brings a subtle touch to your teas, cocktails, cakes and jams, as well as salty dishes. In addition to its taste, its starred shape makes this fruit of the badamier really very special. You can also use it as herb tea and enjoy its soothing and digestive benefits.



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It is essential to know the secret of the famous Chinese tea for those who love it. Did you know that a spice is making this ancestral tea inherited from China and South Asia special? Star Anise. Since many years, the spice has also been grown in Madagascar.

Discovering the Star Anise

Star Anise or badiane is a star-shaped fruit. Its name also comes from its anise-like taste. The first signs of this spice can be traced back to Asian civilisations in antiquity. Initially, it was consumed mainly for its calming and digestive virtues. The star anise, presented as herbal tea, was already recommended to relieve digestion and transit problems. Even then, it was already quite precious as it was rare. People had to travel very far to find them. Nowadays, Madagascar offers its Star Anise to delight the connoisseurs. And Ilanga Nature is happy to make it accessible to the whole world.

vStar anise in cooking

This less common spice will blow your mind. It is surprising to admit that this rare spice is suitable for both drinks and consistent preparations. Apart from tea, Star Anise is also prized for enhancing cocktails flavours. It can also be used in cakes and salty dishes. Fruit compotes and jams with a reasonable dose of star anise will taste totally different. Of course, you can keep your star anise jar for several years. For this, store the spice in a dry place protected from light.


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Poids Net 35gr
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Origine Madagascar

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