Pili Pili Powder


Fundamental tradition in Madagascar highlands, PiliPili - or "bird chilli" - is characterized by an incredibly strong taste. To turn it into powder, the pepper is dried and finely crushed "à la malagasy". PiliPili powder is ideal for preparing delicious sauces. You can also add some in olive oil to season your pizzas, meats and raw vegetables.


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Beware of its shape. Behind the tiny chili pepper is a strong force. You guessed it; it is indeed the Pili Pili of Madagascar. Grown in the Highlands, it is exceptionally hot in the mouth. But this is what makes it pleasant. Many people now opt for Pili Pili Powder to add a personal touch to their recipes.

A delicious fireball

Are you a fan of strong chili peppers? Did you know that, despite its small size, Pili Pili is a hot chili pepper? A very tiny piece of it is enough to season a teaspoon of oil. Given this aggressive aspect, it is recommended to choose Pili Pili Powder. This format allows you to adapt and customise it. The chilli pepper is harvested when ripe, then dried and finely ground. Packaged in airtight jars, it conquers the world with all the energy of its ancestors' soil.

Sauce based on Pili Pili Powder

Le pili pili is not a miniature sweet pepper. No other chilli pepper can claim to have that much power in such a tiny body. To enjoy its legendary fragrance, which fills the Zoma market, it is better to make a sauce out of it. To do this, mix the powder with a few cloves of garlic and a chopped onion. Add some salt and oil, and then stir with a spoon. Alternatively, you can reduce its intensity with some olive oil. Simply put a teaspoon of Pili Pili Powder into your jar of oil. Shake vigorously. The next day you can already pour a trickle of this exquisite sauce over your pizzas, raw vegetables and meats.


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Data sheet

Reference EDPPP70
Poids Net 70gr
Conditionnement Bocal en verre
Origine Madagascar

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