Combava Powder


In Far East Farafangana, the combava is a citrus fruit whose zest is an exceptional booster of taste. Sprinkled on the dishes and desserts, the Combava Powder will bring a fresh and sunny flavor in your preparations. Once in the mouth, your taste buds will not be ready to forget the exquisite taste!


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Combava adds a cheerful note to your recipes whether in gloomy winters or sunny summers. If you prefer simplicity, you can opt for Combava Powder. It is easy to use and perfect for all dishes: starter, main course, dessert.

Combava, symbol of exoticism

Madagascar is at the crossroads of many civilisations. With no surprise, it is an inexhaustible source of spices originating from all over the world. Among them is the combava, a citrus fruit from the Probe Archipelago, more precisely from the island of Sumbawa, from which the name of the fruit was taken. Also included in our Prestige Pack, Combava Powder is the most known in cooking. Fresh, a little bitter, and inexorably special, it keeps being talked about. Combava is now grown in the Southeast of the Great Island and offers its zest to season dishes. With its particular taste, it is naturally suitable for all kinds of savoury and sweet recipes.

Combava Powder, softer and more subtle

Combava is not a giant lemon. It is a variety of citrus fruits. It is ground to obtain the Combava Powder. Symbol of Asian cuisine, it is packaged in powder form to melt easily in food preparations. Those who do not really like spicy flavours can use it to enhance their sauces. As such, citrus fruit can be served in raw preparations such as tomato rougail. Used with vegetables, fresh flavour is guaranteed. Of course, you can also add a pinch of combava to sweet dishes. Fruit salads, cakes and pies are sure to become a masterpiece in the mouth. A hint of bitterness, typical of citrus fruits, will be present, without disturbing the palate.


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Reference EDCOP55
Poids Net 55gr
Conditionnement Bocal en verre
Origine Madagascar

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