Sweet or salty, cloves improve your dishes personnality! These small aromatic buds have a powerful taste, perfect for flavoring gingerbreads and enhance meat dishes. Your guests will taste your preparations happily surprised.


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Strong on the nose and in the mouth, cloves are sure to surprise your guests. If this classic is usually used in the medical field, you should know that you can perfectly use it in cooking.

Cloves from Madagascar

The spice grows in the province of Tamatave, in north-eastern Madagascar, more precisely in Analanjirofo, which literally means in Malagasy “the region of cloves”. Most cloves in the world come from these green hills. Clove tree scent blends with those of vanilla, banana and lychee. Unlike most spices, cloves are picked before flower buds reach maturity. Then, they are dried in the sun. In fact, this natural tanning session gives them that brown colour..

Cloves have a unique aroma and taste. They stand out for their strong, slightly acrid, and aromatic taste.

A spice for bold dishes

You can’t confuse this spice with others when looking in the spice cupboard. It is generally recommended to use it to season timid dishes such as sauerkraut or compote. Cloves can go with all dishes, whether sweet or salty. It is perfect for several types of desserts from Viennoiseries to ice creams. If you like spicy dishes, cloves are what you need, especially for meat-based recipes. Ground cloves are used to flavour gingerbread or meat. It is also used in many spice blends: ras el hanout, curry, garam massala… If you plan to make gingerbread, don't forget to include cloves in your recipe. And for well-being, you can also use Cloves to ease toothache pain.


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