Cinnamon Powder


For even more delicious drinks and desserts, nothing better than a good pinch of Cinnamon Powder! Ilanga Nature beckons you to the gourmet flavor of Madagascar cinnamon, whose subtle notes are also wonderful in poultry dishes. It is the perfect spice to bring a small "exotic" side to your preparations.


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Cinnamon was discovered during the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. We also find it in other cultures, including that of Ancient Greece and China. Like other precious goods, Cinnamon Powder then took the spice route and ended up on the east coast of Madagascar.

Cinnamon, perfumed bark powder

Unlike most species, Cinnamon Powder is obtained from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree. The bark usually wraps around itself. It is in the form of tubes that is often dropped directly into hot tea. The aromas of ground cinnamon are much more enhanced. The virtues of the spice spread in the preparations. Use of cinnamon dates from long ago. Like silk and other « exotic » spices for the Western world, it sailed across the oceans to end up in distant lands like Madagascar. Since then, cinnamon trees have been jealously grown in the Great Island to produce top quality condiment.

Cinnamon Powder in cooking

It is wrong to think that Cinnamon Powder can only be used in sweet dishes like cinnamon apple jam. In fact, it can perfectly be used in salty preparations. We can mention apple tajine and poultry dishes (chicken, duck, guinea fowl, etc.). Apart from its very special fragrance, it is also appreciated for its many virtues. Whether in the form of powder or sticks, cinnamon has high fibre content. Indeed, more than half of the Cinnamon Powder is made up of fibres. For 2 g of cinnamon, there is 1.3 g of fibres. By the way, many people enjoy taking a cup of cinnamon tea to get rid of excess fat after a generous meal.


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Data sheet

Reference EDCAP50
Poids Net 50gr
Conditionnement Bocal en verre
Origine Madagascar

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