Pink berries


Round, shiny and sporting a beautiful bright red color, pink berries offer a real ballet of flavor once in the mouth. Both sweet and very spicy, they wonderfully match seafood and shellfish dishes. At Ilanga Nature, our pink berries are picked and dried by hand in the sun, for natural and authentic flavors in your dishes.


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Do you like to surprise in cooking? Why don’t you try to make a simple recipe, but by using a special spice. Try the Pink Berries. These berries, which come from southern Madagascar, near Fort Dauphin, are awkwardly nicknamed “pepper”. This is far from being true. And you are going to understand it very soon.

Real Pink Berries, fake pepper

There are hundreds of spices. Each of them has a character which is sometimes difficult to define. This is true for Pink Berries, a classic in gourmet cuisine. Unlike pepper, their taste is difficult to describe. In their vermilion red colour, these small shiny seeds have sweet background and are spicy at the same time. Each berry is hand-picked by farmers who are focused on quality. The bunches are removed from the stems, and then placed on mats to ripen in the sun, soaked in the sea air. If you are a fan of subtle condiments, not so strong or too sweet, these pink spices are exactly what you need.

Recipes with Pink Berries

Pink Berries leave various fragrances in their wake. They recall notes of coriander and leek leaves. You can also find them mixed with other spices like Fleur de Sel flavoured with Pink Berries and Voatsiperifery Wild Black Pepper.

Sometimes you can feel a touch of juniper. Yet they are pink berries and nothing more or less. This natural blend will impress your guests. Seafood and shellfish dishes are perfect with these small red seeds. Rely on pink berries to accentuate the taste of a poached or marinated fish. You can also use it to enhance the flavour of fresh vegetables.


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Reference EGCBR75
Poids Net 75gr
Conditionnement Bocal en verre
Origine Madagascar

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