Voatsiperifery Black Pepper


This Madagascar rare pepper is exactly what you need to enhance the taste of your dishes. Its spicy and wild aroma brings a subtle touch that your taste buds are not ready to forget. Harvested in the heart the south Big Island forests, our Black Pepper Voatsiperifery is perfect to accompany your steaks and salads.


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Voatsiperifery Black Pepper is one of the most consumed varieties of black pepper in the world. « Voa » means grain and « Tsiperifery » is the name of a plant. Tsiperifery belongs to the piper borbonese family. These are tailed grains which are no bigger than a pinhead.

Voatsiperifery Black Pepper: a rare pepper from Madagascar

This very fragrant spice is well worth it. Voatsiperifery Black Pepper is harvested, berry by berry, by hand. It grows on vines up to 20 m high. This wild pepper can be found in the forest of Southern Madagascar. Its harvesting thus requires a lot of care, techniques, and patience. The pickers have to climb very high to avoid cutting trees. Such harvesting techniques allow us to contribute to preserving the island’s flora. The spice is available in 1 kg format for professionals and enthusiasts.

Wild pepper with intense and rich aroma

The process is carried out by hand from harvesting, sorting and drying to packaging. Raw pepper in jars is delivered ready to use and with all of its flavour. Much smaller than cubeb, with which it is often confused, Voatsiperifery Black Pepper also has a longer tail. In addition to its fragrance, it has fresh, fruity, earthy notes. Its taste is unique. The ripe wild pepper has long-lasting taste. This spice from Madagascar is a great addition to any dish. Add black pepper at the very last moment to get its enchanting flavour. It can be used in all recipes, enhancing their taste and subtly perfuming them.


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Data sheet

Reference EGCPNV150
Poids Net 150gr
Conditionnement Bocal en verre
Origine Madagascar

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