White Pepper


Ideal to light sauces seasoning, white pepper has a subtle spicy flavor. Originally from Madagascar, more precisely from the southern region of Toamasina, this variety of pepper offers a pleasant explosion of flavors and scents in the mouth. White pepper is ideal for slightly spicing up your soups and meat dishes. Just add a small pinch of seeds at the end of cooking to make your dishes tastier.


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Can a pepper be soft? The answer is yes. Its name recalls warmth in the mouth and yet, White Pepper is rather pleasant. Its aroma is typical of pepper, subtly spicy, but it does not burn the palate. Ideal for different dishes, this pepper is an invitation for a trip to the land of marshmallows.

A soft, fragrant, white seed

White Pepper can be used in most recipes. This pepper comes from the southern part of Toamasina, on the east coast of Madagascar, and is harvested seed by seed from the vines. The coastline of the Great Island is at the crossroads of cyclone paths. The rest of the year, it is hot and humid. This climate makes pepper so rich in flavours. This pepper is spicy, but has a surprisingly soft base. It is prepared before packaging. The whole seeds are immersed in water with a little salt to remove the husk. Then, they are placed on mats to dry in the heat but under shade. This pepper is available in packs of Crushed Black Pepper.

White Pepper, a daily companion

Each recipe chooses its own spices, so some preparations change completely depending on the seasoning. As for White Pepper, it goes with almost everything. This includes cold dishes such as salads and raw vegetables. A pinch of this white pepper can also be used with potato, vegetable or pasta dishes. As it is light, it can be added to meats and soups without altering their flavour. Ideally, add the pinch of pepper towards the end of cooking.


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Data sheet

Reference EGCPB175
Poids Net 175gr
Conditionnement Bocal en verre
Origine Madagascar

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