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Sardinian Olive Oils

Sardinia, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea juxtaposes its cousin: Corsica. Its adorned myrtles hills and some other plants, a unique landscape that enriches the lush thousand-years old olive trees.

Notre huile d’olive très parfumé aux notes boiséesOur wooden noted of a pronounced fragrance Olive Oil

Sardinia shelters cute olive groves, blessed areas where the marine winds strengthens the trees, and provide better crops by taking full advantage of an appropriate fertile and natural terroir. Such growing conditions optimizes the taste’s quality.
the ILANGA NATURE‘s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a truly green gold, is from olive varieties of agricultural cultivars that were selected in Toscana, that makes so specific the aroma: extremely fragranced taste and wooden note.
Its taste is unique due to the smooth mixture of the uprooted best variety of Toscana with the comfortable climate of Sardinia. Discover this sweet, light and mellow comfort when enhancing your recipes. The oil reminds the freshly cut morning grass scents, an artichoke taste and temperate forests’ fruit flavours is accompanied with a slight pungent note. When the olive fruits reach their maturity, cold process pressing starts in an exactly same process as Italian classics of oil production. A deep knowledge of ancestral experiences as in to respect a genuine quality product for the pride of this unique terroir.

Our olive grove: located where the time has stopped for a while

ILANGA NATURE has selected a northern-east part of Sardinia: Gallura. A by the sea area where the Nuraghi people have lived for 3500 years. This area, where the words: Industry andIndustrialized farming are just absent, dominates its infinite pure landscape.
Our olive grove is located in the middle of small hills of a 250meters above the sea level and within COTES ESCARPES. This conservative and inert atmosphere warmly shelter the century Zucchero and millennia olive trees. We share to you the crops of 10,000 PIEDS of 7 toscanini varieties.
Proud of our mellow and round oil, ready to delight your cold or hot dishes, your creative salads will get freshness and nature flavour. It is also perfect for vegetables-based dishes…even side dishes, to be applied to cooking. Get a perfect balance with one dash to your grill, fish or a soup. Adopt this essential ingredient: your daily health, pleasure and inner peace are rejuvenating. Olive oil contains polyphenols: a valuable anti-oxidant.