Sardinia, the olive trees’ paradise

A little further… in the Mediterranean!
In the middle of this great Mediterranean blue, Sardinia. A beautiful island that belongs to Italia, so pampered by the winds along strong emotion and significant historical importance. Its beaches covered with white sand and its crystal clear water are known to all travellers. Its Nuragic civilization, very little known and intriguing dating back to the Bronze Age, more than 3500 years ago, is an unequalled asset of the island. Added to this are the millenary Olives, its pristine nature, its pure air and its ligh.

Sardinia and its world-famous olive oil

ILANGA NATURE settled in Sardinia, cultivated hundreds of hectares of olive trees on its plains and hills. Authentic “sughero” (chenes liegs), and “olivastres” (wild olives) are populating our olive fields. About 10,000 trees are relics of disappeared species from Toscana.
The association of these varieties with the Sardinian terroir gives way to a very special oil: subtly spicy, with a slight taste of artichoke and wild fruits enriched with notes of freshly cut green herbs..
ILANGA NATURE wanted to shake up traditions by planting these foreign varieties in Sardinia far from their original lands. She has invented new tastes for an explosion of flavours in your salads and your various compositions for an original taste experience.

Sardaine (Italie)