Vanilla Fleur de Sel


With this salt flower, Ilanga Nature invites you to combine the flavor of two essential condiments for the preparation of many dishes. The vanilla salt flower brings together the strong taste of salt with the sweet and heady aromas of vanilla. You will be able to kill two birds with one stone: salt and perfume your dishes at once


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Vanilla Fleur de Sel is the ideal spice for all your recipes. It is harvested in Menabe, Madagascar. This delicious and delicate spice will please everyone.

Vanilla Fleur de Sel, unexpected delicious mix

Vanilla is and will be the black gold of all spices. If you are used to adding it to sweet recipes, you can now use it in salted recipes as well. To make it easier for you, it has been mixed with salt. It is collected at the salt marches of Menabe in summer. When seawater is evaporated by the wind and the sun, the fleur de sel crystals are ready to be harvested on the surface. They are then flavoured with vanilla.

Perfect dishes with the spice

Ice cream and all kinds of cake are usually flavoured with vanilla. And salted dishes are spiced with fleur de sel. Now, with the two spices combined, you can perfectly make sweet-salted dish. It is ideal for seasoning creamy sauces like bechamel. Bring your secret touch by adding a hint of Vanilla Fleur de Sel to it. Vegetable soups are sure to be a hit with this condiment. Make a pumpkin soup, add a pinch of Vanilla Fleur de Sel, and see the difference. If you like seafood carpaccios, dust some of this spice over it before serving. Your guest will notice the vanilla and the fleur de sel without being bothered by salt crystals.


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Data sheet

Reference FSV500
Origine Madagascar
Ingrédients Fleur de Sel, Poudre de Vanille

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