Plain Coarse Salt


Want to feel the wind, the sea and the sun in your dishes? Ilanga Nature's Gros Sel nature meets your expectations! Shaped by Mother Nature herself in the salt marshes of Menabe, this condiment will undoubtedly enhance your food and turn a dish from classic to refinement.


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If you are still hesitating which main spice to use to season your meals, the answer is Plain Coarse Salt. It is harvested in Menabe, Madagascar, and will enhance the taste of your favourite dishes.

Why choose coarse salt?

Often, there is some hesitation between fine salt, fleur de sel and coarse salt. They are all good, but the result is not the same. Plain Coarse Salt is easily identified by its larger crystals. These form at the bottom of Menabe salt marshes, as seawater evaporates. The size of the crystals increases as the process takes longer. Since they contain less sodium chloride, they give more scope to the flavours of foods to enhance. This is of course a great benefit so that your guests can feel the taste of the dish, beyond the salt. In the end, you will have a finer dish.

Plain Coarse Salt, a must-have condiment

Wind, sea, sun: all three contribute to the natural shaping of Madagascar's Plain Coarse Salt, of which Menabe region is very proud. It is the ideal salt for those who want to play with other spices and add a personal touch to their dishes. This is indeed the reason why chefs prefer to use this coarse salt. They have less risk of putting too much salt. You can add it right at the end of cooking. Those with the most audacity will mix it with other spices from the islands or simply opt for Coarse Salt with 13 spices.


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Data sheet

Reference GSN500
Origine Madagascar
Ingrédients Gros Sel

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