13-spice Coarse Salt


For a seasoning rich in flavors, this combination of condiments is exactly what you need! The salt flower is mixed with several spices, including star anise, coriander, but also turmeric, cumin ... not to mention the Pili Pili and mustard for the spicy side. In all, 13 spices of characters accompany this coarse salt of Madagascar and they will allow you to salt your preparations in a very original way


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Cooking is an art, the art of calculating cooking time, choosing the right ingredients and, above all, mixing spices. But in art, some combinations of colour stand out better than others. It is the same in cooking. This is the reason why the 13-spice Coarse Salt was created. It is a ready-to-use mix of condiments.

Diversity and uniqueness of 13-spice Coarse Salt

Coarse salt is more imposing than classic table salt. Of course, it can be ground before being added to dishes. Its formation is special because it results from sea salt crystals being deposited towards the bottom. The slower the process, the bigger they are. Unlike salt, they are less salty. This allows the cook to play with the other spices. But if you don't feel like doing culinary equations, simply choose 13-spice Coarse Salt. Together, they give a surprising cocktail of varied and harmonious flavours to each dish.

Sensory discovery with a flavoured condiment

Flavours and colours are not debatable. That said, some blends are more successful and enjoyable than others. Flavoured coarse salt is a hit with everyone. It is very pleasant on the palate and melts instantly. In the 13-spice Coarse Salt, you can feel all the flavours of the spices: turmeric alongside cumin, aniseed with Pili Pili, then cloves combined with fenugreek. All this is enriched by coriander, garlic, mustard, nutmeg and cardamom. It is just impossible to resist to it. Even better, you can season almost any dish with this precious condiment.


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Data sheet

Reference GS13E500
Poids Net 500gr
Conditionnement Sac transparent
Origine Madagascar
Ingrédients Ail, Anis, Cardamome, Coriandre, Cumin, Curcuma, Fenugrec, Girofle, Gros Sel, Moutarde, Noix de Muscade, Pili Pili

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