Coarse Salt with Pili Pili


Do you like chilli? Why not combine the salty and spicy side into one seasoning? That's what offers Ilanga Nature's Pill Pili Salt! This coarse salt with Pili Pili is the perfect condiment to make your meat succulent


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When the land meets the sea, you have the feeling that you are getting a piece of the sky. This is how you will feel when you add Coarse Salt with Pili Pili to your most classic dishes.

An invitation to arouse the senses

Morondava, a coastal city in Madagascar, is famous for two features: on the one hand, for its baobab alley; and on the other hand, for its salt marshes. Coarse salt from Morondava is ideal for fine gourmets. But rather than using classic salt, you should try the Coarse Salt with Pili Pili. The taste of coarse salt is refined and delicate that it is barely perceptible. Yet, it is there. Pili Pili, a small hot chili, is sure to thrill all taste buds. It is generous and very fragrant. Together, the two spices will thrill your senses. There is also the Coarse Salt with 5 Berries for those who do not like chili.

Coarse Salt with Pili Pili: a journey between land and sea

If the coarse salt comes from salt works, the chili is a plant from the fertile soils of Madagascar. When mixed, you know it, they perfectly go with all dishes. If you like Creole recipes of the islands neighbouring the Great Island, you certainly can' t do without this seasoning. To enhance the taste of certain traditional dishes such as soup, you now have a two-in-one spice. Your vegetables, grills and soups are sure to be exquisite.


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Data sheet

Reference GSPP500
Poids Net 500gr
Conditionnement Sac transparent
Origine Madagascar
Ingrédients Gros Sel, Piment Pili Pili

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