Coarse Salt with 5 Berries


For exotic and refined cuisine, choose Ilanga Nature's 5-berry-flavored coarse salt. Spread it on all your dishes to bring an exotic flavor reminiscent of the sea and the sun of Madagascar. Meats, soups, grills, seafood ... all your preparations will be a real treat for your taste buds


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Delicacy will be there. Opt for Coarse Salt with 5 Berries to add character to your dishes, including the simplest ones. With this seasoning, bring a personal touch to your dishes at the last minute.

Break the rules, add your own touch

If you are used to season your recipes with salt and pepper during cooking, use the Coarse Salt with 5 Berries in a different way. Ideally, add salt at the end of cooking so that aromas overwhelm your dishes. Put some coarse salt in your mill and then proceed. You decide the right amount. You can be sure that your cooking will surprise everyone. Another benefit is you do not need other seasonings. This one is perfect for all your preparations: soup, meat, seafood and grills. Amaze your family and friends with your magic ingredient.

Coarse Salt with the perfect 5 Berries

Through the harvest of Morondava salt, salt workers in Madagascar are able to satisfy you with their ancestral preparations, which are almost a century old. It is a special mix of exotic, fresh, and legendary intense spices. Like Coarse Salt with 5 spices, Coarse Salt with 5 Berries is simply a magical blend. It contains several berries that you already know, and which are generally very distinct from each other. So you can find the perfect combination of three different colours of peppers: black, white and green. Pink berries and coriander are added to these. You won’t be able to resist their charm. Of course, you are advised to season your preparations at the last minute. You can even wait until the dishes are served before seasoning. Besides, adding salt after cooking is healthier for the body.


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Data sheet

Reference GS5B500
Origine Madagascar
Ingrédients Baie Rose, Coriandre, Gros Sel, Poivre Blanc, Poivre Noir, Poivre Vert

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