Coarse Salt for Vegetables


As a child or as an adult, we sometimes are in distress when it comes to taste a vegetable dish often because of a lack of flavor. Ilanga Nature offers the ideal solution to solve this dilemma. With coarse salt for Vegetable Preparations, make your vegetables instantly more palatable for young and old!


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Vegetables, either you like them or you don’t. And yet, they are the most naturally rich sources of fibre and vitamins. The best way to enjoy them is to season your dishes with our Coarse Salt for Vegetables. Its sweet-salty-peppery flavour will give good texture and taste to your accompaniments. This blend is the secret ingredient to make everyone like vegetables.

Coarse Salt from Madagascar

The villagers living near the salt marshes of Menabe are keen to perpetuate their ancestral know-how. The ritual of harvesting coarse salt is therefore passed on to the younger generation from an early age. The mid-east of Madagascar is indeed known for its marshes. This is where the coarse salt of our Coarse Salt for Vegetables come from. The seasoning amazes with its taste. And it amazes even more when it is enriched with other spices: curry and sugar. Be sure that the simplest recipe will be warmly welcomed at family meals. For seafood, opt for the ready-to-use blend: Coarse Salt for Fish and Seafood.

Coarse Salt for Vegetables, a daily seasoning

It is difficult to make everyone like vegetables. It is even harder to find the right spices to make sure the whole family enjoys the meal. Well, by choosing Coarse Salt for Vegetables, you can now easily enhance your soups and raw vegetables. Indeed, this coarse salt can go well with a wide variety of vegetables: potatoes, carrots, green beans, etc. You can also use it to spice up your tomato and onion sauces before adding them to your preparation.


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Data sheet

Reference GSPL500
Origine Madagascar
Ingrédients Basilic, Curry (13 épices), Gros Sel, Sucre

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