Plain Fleur de Sel


This salt flower of rare purity comes from the salt marshes of Menabe in Madagascar. It is perfect for gently seasoning your preparations to make them even tastier. This condiment is particularly ideal for salads and grilled meats


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Welcome to the mid-east of Madagascar, in Menabe, known for its salt marshes. Discover the Plain Fleur de Sel, from home, by tasting dish seasoned with these pure, delicate crystals.

Plain Fleur de Sel from a traditional harvesting method

The Plain Fleur de Sel develops naturally on the surface of salt marshes after the wind has blown away seawater and left behind crystals. Every afternoon, during summer, villagers follow the same ritual: the harvest of fleur de sel. This salt is thinner than Coarse Salt. Its white colour is different from cooking salt, which is slightly greyish. Once collected by hand, the crystals are drained before being dried in the sun.

Use of fleur de sel in cooking

With its fine grains, plain fleur de sel melts easily into the dishes. This is why it is better to season your preparations at the end of cooking, sometimes even once served. It is suitable for meats, vegetables, any other recipes. It is particularly recommended for grilled meats and salads. It is naturally rich in trace elements; so it is good to use it regularly.


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Data sheet

Reference FSN500
Origine Madagascar
Ingrédients Fleur de Sel

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