5-spice Fleur de Sel


Dressed with the warm spices fragrances of Madagascar, this salt flower from the Menabe region will be a secret of your culinary success! The fine salty crystals are accompanied by black pepper, anise, coriander, fennel and clove. A simple pinch is enough to turn an ordinary dish of vegetables or meat into a real delight in the mouth.


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For connoisseurs, Menabe fleur de sel is one of the best condiments. But have you tried the 5-spice Fleur de Sel? Trying it is adopting it.

The journey of the 5-spice Fleur de Sel

The fleur de sel is one of its kinds. The long journey it makes from salt marshes of Menabe to your table does not come through magic. For villagers living along the marshes, every day is a blessing as they can collect the precious crystals. Once wind and sun have evaporated the seawater, it leaves behind the fleur de sel, which is whiter than standard salt. After harvest, they are placed in the sun to dry completely. Then, the famous spices are added to it. The spices make the fleur de sel more delicious. These include anise, cloves, coriander, black pepper and fennel.

The culinary miracle of spiced fleur de sel

Menabe is in the mid-east of Madagascar. It has exceptionally rich salt marshes. Villagers living there are very familiar with the ritual, which is inherited from generation to generation. If you too have recipes that you would like your children to reproduce, tell them your secret ingredient: the 5-spice Fleur de Sel. Add the condiment only at the end of cooking. For preparing white meats, charcuterie, seafood dishes, foie gras or vegetables, the only seasoning you need is 5-spice Fleur de sel.


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Data sheet

Reference FS5E500
Origine Madagascar
Ingrédients Anis, Cannelle, Coriandre, Fenouil, Fleur de Sel, Girofle, Poivre Noir

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