Turmeric Fleur de Sel


Fond of tastier dishes? this turmeric flavored sea salt is what you need: with a simple pinch, you will make your preparations more tasty. In addition to being salty, your dishes will be enhanced by the subtle and greedy note of turmeric. Every bite will be a treat for your lips


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Nature does things well. Each of its creations is a source of daily benefits. From salty marshes of Morondava to every dish prepared all over the world, the merits of fleur de sel, including Turmeric Fleur de sel, are constantly praised.

Turmeric Fleur de Sel, the perfect blend of spices

The fleur de sel is seen at the edges of salty marshes in Morondava, Madagascar. It is harvested in late afternoon when wavelets withdraw to the sea. With the help of the wind, crystals form and leave a bright white layer on the edges of the marches. The villagers are eagerly waiting for this moment to harvest them. Once it is dry, the fleur de sel is mixed with the right amount of turmeric. This is another spice from the Great Island. Together, they give birth to Turmeric Fleur de Sel, an incredible blend with unique flavours. If you want to do great cooking without using magic, all you need is a few pinches of this double-spiced powder. Spices addicts will opt for 13-spice Fleur de Sel

The benefits of an extraordinary blend

Fleur de sel is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements. Turmeric is no less than that. It contains a significant amount of antioxidants. This is why many dieticians recommend Turmeric Fleur de Sel for seasoning. Treating yourself is therefore safe and pleasant. This condiment will go well with all dishes. Dust the condiment over the food at the end of cooking so that it melts and enhances the preparations with its aromas. Grilled meats, raw vegetables salads, rice, pasta, all kinds of dishes can go with this magical spice.


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Data sheet

Reference FSC175
Origine Madagascar
Ingrédients Curcuma, Fleur de Sel

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