Pili-Pili Fleur de Sel


Need to give character to your dishes? This blend of salt flower and Pili Pili from our Madagascar island is perfect to enhance the taste of your preparations. Just a pinch to turn a classic meat dish into a true culinary delight


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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of spices. But one thing is sure, you will recognize the fleur de sel and the pili-pili blindfolded. Imagine what condiment they can make when mixed together. Try Pili-Pili Fleur de Sel and enjoy it!

Fleur de sel and pili-pili, a generous mix

It is difficult to keep a stiff upper lip when two of the world's most popular condiments are blended into one. Fleur de sel refers to the crystals left behind by the seawater after the passage of the wind, on summer afternoons. Pili-pili are a small and extremely strong pepper with a unique aroma. It is grown in Southeast Madagascar. Combining the two into one packet gives your dishes another dimension. Add Pili-Pili Fleur de Sel to your dishes and see the difference.

Pili-Pili Fleur de Sel, ideal for hot preparations

We recommend that you season your dishes at the end of cooking. Indeed, fleur de sel is much more delicate than salt, but slightly more intense than Black Pepper Fleur de Sel. It quickly melts and leaves no unpleasant residue. Pili-pili is less strong when combined with fleur de sel. Your starch-based home recipes will have a new taste with this two-in-one condiment. Whether you like pasta, mashed potatoes, vegetable soup or rice, this spice is the perfect finishing touch to enhance the taste of your dishes. Roasted or grilled meats will also be excellent if you fine-tune the preparations with a few pinches of the condiment. In other words, trying it is adopting it.


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Data sheet

Reference FSPP500
Poids Net 500gr
Conditionnement Sac transparent
Origine Madagascar
Ingrédients Fleur de Sel, Piment Pili Pili

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