Black Pepper Fleur de Sel


Pour saler et épicer vos mets d’un simple geste, rien de mieux qu’une pincée de notre fleur de sel au poivre noir. Préparé artisanalement, l’un comme l’autre provient des terres fertiles de Madagascar. Une fois assaisonnés avec cette fleur de sel aromatisée, vos plats de viandes, légumes et fruits de mer deviendront délicieusement piquants et goûteux.


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You might have long been taking risky bets on mixing certain spices. When luck is on our side, the recipe is perfect. But for many people, the challenge seems too risky. Stop panicking. There are ready-made blends such as Black Pepper Fleur de Sel to ensure that you always succeed in cooking.

Harvest of Fleur de Sel and Black Pepper

Located in Menabe, Southeast Madagascar, the salt marshes are amazingly beautiful. They also have a rather unique condiment, the fleur de sel. It is produced naturally by the action of the wind on the seawater. The fleur de sel is the thin white crystals left by evaporated seawater on the edges of salt marshes. The villagers harvest them and put them in the sun to dry. The fleur de sel is then mixed with black pepper so that they form a single, unique condiment. This is why Black Pepper Fleur de Sel is a magical spice.

Two spices, two flavours, one success

Adding salt at the end of cooking is a healthy practice to adopt. Many dieticians recommend it. Once you have tried the fleur de sel, you can no longer do without it. Melting, soft and tasty, it is indeed preferred to classic grey salt. The fleur de sel flavoured with black pepper has become the star of the kitchen. Apart from salt, pepper is one of the most commonly used spices. If fleur de sel is rich in nutrients like minerals, black pepper is a source of antioxidants and vitamins. Together, they do wonders in the kitchen and on health. Dust the spice over meat, seafood or vegetables right before being served.


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Data sheet

Reference FSPN500
Poids Net 500gr
Conditionnement Sac transparent
Origine Madagascar
Ingrédients Fleur de Sel, Poivre Noir

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