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The purest marine salts

ILANGA NATURE salt collection is reminiscent of the fertile and exotic land from where these precious crystals were taken. Our salts are delicately extracted from their marine setting in the salt fields of Morondava – in the mid-west of the island, and of Antsiranana – in the north. This white gold is naturally obtained by solar and wind evaporation. It is then harvested by the saunier, salt worker. The traditional harvesting skills dpreserve the pure quality of the nectars.

Salts flavoured with typical spices of Madagascar

Our salts carry the taste of long summer days in vast open spaces of Madagascar, matched with the power of earth in unparalleled blends. It is not easy to enhance the taste of our dishes when we lack spices. Luckily, at ILANGA NATURE, we carefully prepare your coarse salts and fleur de sel so that they satisfy your search for taste and flavour. The Great Island’s best spices, from the mildest to the strongest, mixed with fleur de sel or coarse salt, give a very special colour and aroma.

Natural and pure spices in perfect harmony with the salt

Elsewhere the essential oil is extracted from spices, but here, we wanted you to enjoy the whole spice:Garlic, Aniseed, Cardamom, Coriander, Cumin, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Clove, Mustard, Nutmeg, Pili Pili.. This is why each pinch will add flavour to your cooking. The dosage is perfectly balanced. You will have the appropriate amount of spices to flavour your dishes and enhance their taste by adding the right amount of salt. A single product can be composed of 5 to 13 spices like the 13-Spice Coarse Salt.

Varied and well-designed blends

The warmth of the sun that sea salt brings to each kitchen pairs harmoniously with the unique characteristics of each selected spice, giving a fresh touch to every dish. We offer varied bends from the strongest to the mildest, including salts flavoured with sweet spices such as vanilla and pink berries. The fine salted crystals add an exquisite culinary touchto your most basic dishes. They create a festive atmosphere by the sea in each of your culinary adventures. We have all types of coarse salt perfect for marinating your meats: white meat, shellfish and fish, red meat…
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