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A travel under the tropical sun

Recalling sweetness, exoticism, pleasant atmosphere, the word « vanilla » comes from the Spanish word « vaina » which means « pod ». Bourbon vanilla is a sweet and delightful fruit and spice, taking your senses to the sun and coconut tree shade. Vanilla Bourbon is a label available only in a few islands, including Madagascar.
Also known for its rare honey and exotic jam, the Red Island is recognized as the kingdom of vanilla with nearly 30,000 hectares of plantations. It is mainly found in Sambava, the Vanilla Capital, and in other parts of the island, namely Toamasina and Diego Suerez. Representing over 80% of world’s vanilla, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla is the best. Our vanilla is produced in Sambava, at the mouth of 5 rivers, northeastern Madagascar.

Madagascar’s Black Gold, a fruit, a spice to be earned

Vanilla is the fruit of a climbing orchid that needs a stake. Harvested still green and barely ripe, Madagascar vanilla is processed following the Bourbon method before being used in the world’s finest cuisines. There are several steps to follow to get the vanilla chocolate colour that we all know. Thoroughness is the watchword, from hand-pollination to calibration. Processing can take several weeks until the spice is ready for sale.
Growing vanilla requires a lot of patience and passion. No other bee than melipona can pollinate the plant. The insect is only found in Central America. To grow vanilla elsewhere, artificial pollination is necessary. Vanilla flower hand-pollination began in the 19th century.

Madagascar Vanilla Bourbon, an art

Its exquisite flavour that is added to your dishes is the result of several processing series. First, Madagascar vanilla is harvested one by one by hand. During scalding process, pods, which are still green, are put into 65-degree-Celsius hot water for about 3 minutes. Then, there is the sweating process. Pods are kept in wooden boxes covered with woollen blanket. It keeps the heat for 12 hours. It is at this stage that pods get the brown colour. Catalysing the sweating process helps vanilla develop its exotic flavour.
Bourbon vanilla gets its unique aroma only if its water content is neither too high nor too low. It also ensures that there is no risk of mould. Every day for several days, vanilla pods sunbathe for many hours.

Madagascar Vanilla: all the profits you get from a pod

The aroma comes from the vanilla nectar, the black seeds in the pulp. Once the nectar extracted to make essential oil or perfume, vanilla loses its aroma. Our vanilla is delivered with all its nectar, highly fragrant and finely sweet. One to three pods are enough to add an exotic note to your recipes
The spice would be an efficient aphrodisiac, a slimming ally since it has low-calorie content and is naturally sweet. It is highly used in the cosmetic industry as it is rich in polyphenols. Madagascar vanilla is then known to have regenerating properties.

Madagascar Vanilla by Ilanga Nature

We purchase directly from local producers pure vanilla free of additives and pesticides. It is finely selected to ensure that the plumpest and most fragrant pods, of between 14 to 16cm, are brought to your table. Our vanilla is then packaged under the best conditions and separated into different quantities. Our mission is to make it accessible to every household for we all deserve this high quality vanilla.

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