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Madagascar Spices

As an epicurean grocer and modern merchant explorer, ILANGA NATURE explores Madagascar lands and the old spice route to tell you about its adventures. Land of authentic flavours whether at the bend of a garden, a walk in the forest, the colourful alleys of Zoma markets or a traditional home cooking, Madagascar is a land of contrasts, originality and exceptional fragrances.

Discovering people and cultures through our spices

The Great Island’s spices take you on a journey to meet new people and cultures. From traditional know-how to well-preserved pepper trees in a large natural sanctuary, ILANGA NATURE attaches great importance to these lands. For this reason, it works with small local producers promoting fair and sustainable agriculture . Nous avons rapporté ces trésors des plus beaux jardins d'épices de l'Île Rouge.
Whether they are seeds, berries, roots or barks of plants. The spices tell their stories before they become a daily part of your kitchen. In small jars full of dreams, sun and new flavours, ILANGA NATURE screates a whole line of delicate and exquisite spices.

A taste of paradise! This is what our spices bring to your dishes

Culinary art lies in the ephemeral, in the instant when colours delight, when flavours are visualised, when urge to taste is intense. Spices enhance this moment and then it’s time for a taste discovery... Time to enjoy a gourmet, see the plates being emptied and the guests satisfied! From wild black pepper to precious pink berries, we invite you to a real culinary journey to Madagascar.

ILANGA NATURE, a flavour provider, brings to your plate the secrets of every corner of Madagascar.
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