Our Values

The essence of ILANGA NATURE is top quality products, careful selection and respect of raw materials. Our commitment: offering unique and authentic flavours to satisfy your gourmet moments.

Our quality and equity charter

All these « treasures » have been selected with high standards of quality, authenticity and transparency.

To achieve this, we have opted for rare origins and local producers. From one encounter to another, over 60 salty and sweet products have been created. High quality and tradition know-how characterize our 2.0 shelves.
In our relentless quest for perfection and glorification of the nature, ILANGA NATURE subtly highlights the nature of the raw materials.
Responsible and committed, we are respectful of the environment and mankind. As we are accountable to Nature, it is our duty to protect it.
All our raw materials are finely extracted from forests and great plains. We respect the natural rhythm of seasons by actively contributing to the preservation of endemic species. It is through understanding the vagaries of nature that its richness is revealed.

A product, a travel, nature in jars

In this way, not only are we helping promote these places through their gastronomy and natural resources but we are also boosting their development. We are able to do this through long-term and respectful partnership with producers, the real keepers of these treasures.
ILANGA NATURE places great value on work ethic, hence our commitment to complying with fair and solidarity trade requirements, and to undertaking responsible and ecological approaches.
Freed from dictates of distribution, ILANGA NATURE considers this new place as a platform for discoveries enhancing transparency in the production process.

Ilanga Nature à Madagascar
Ilanga Nature à Maurice
Ilanga Nature à Sardaigne