Banana Jam


Banana can be eaten in many ways: fruit, yoghurt, smoothie, etc... but have you ever tasted them as jam? At Ilanga Nature, we pick our bananas in our Manakara plantation lying in the south of Madagascar and we prepare our jam respecting a strict traditional know-how. Our Banana Jam is made from 100% fresh, exotic and natural fruits that will give you all the benefits of this thousand virtued fruit.


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Enjoy banana in a different way. If you are used to mixing it in a smoothie or fruit salad, know that it is also great in jam. You will easily adopt Banana Jam. The jam jar will bring the sun to you breakfast or snacks.

A travel under the sun of Manakara, in the East coast of Madagascar

Madagascar’s Banana Jam satisfies the needs for fresh fruit and sweet treat. The bananas are from our fields in Manakara. The jam will delight fans of traditional cuisine, not to mention banana enthusiasts. Taste and authenticity are our key words to ensure an all-natural, exotic jam. The process is fully manual: picking the bananas, peeling, cutting, cooking, and jarring.

Boost your energy with Banana Jam

Banana Jam or Banana Vanilla Jam is great for breakfast with all its nutrients. Enjoy it by the spoonful or on a slice of bread. It provides you with the nutrients you need to face the day. Indeed, it is a well-known source of magnesium, iron, vitamins and calcium. The jam is produced under the best conditions. The bananas are directly cooked at the right temperature and jarred in order for them to keep all their virtues. You will be delighted to use it in your dessert and cake recipes.


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  • Anonymous


    Ma confiture exotique préférée !! Étant un adepte de la banane, cette confiture est fidèle à la douceur de ce fruit les morceaux de fruits justifient les 5 étoiles pour cette confiture

Data sheet

Reference CEBA220
Poids Net 220gr
Origine Madagascar
Énergie (KJ/Kcal) 1038/248
dont sucres (g) 50
Fibres ‹ 0,5
Lipides (g) 0,1
Glucides (g) 66,31

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