Pineapple-Pink Berry Jam


Just quoting its name makes you drool with the union of two exquisite flavors. At breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this delicacy! Because we know you are a gourmet and you deserve the best of these fruits, Ilanga Nature has prepared the best Pink Berry Pineapple Jam, with 100% natural ingredients from Madagascar's rich and precious natural reserves.


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This Pineapple-Pink Berry Jam combines all the virtues of both pineapple and pink berries. This rich, delicately flavoured spice perfectly matches pineapple jam.

Pineapple-Pink Berry Jam, a getaway to the sun of the Red Island

Our pineapples grow under the sun of Moramanga, not far from Tamatave, on the East coast of Madagascar. This juicy, exotic fruit has many benefits. The jam brings a taste of sun to your table. Pink Berries, in powder and seeds, provide colour and warmth to the jam.

A harmonious mix of tastes and aromas

The ripe pineapples are cooked right after harvest to ensure a fresh fruit jam. They are therefore not frozen before being cooked and still keep all its nutrients. Its aroma and its slightly sourish-sweet taste take you on a journey of the senses. The pink berries are harvested from the black soil of Bongolava, the volcanic peaks in Southeast Madagascar. Added to the jam almost at the end of cooking, the bright red spice enhances it with its fine flavour.

Fresh, natural fruit jam

Our pineapples are absolutely delicious. They come from our fertile and pesticide-free fields. We use no additives in order to keep the quality of natural jam. All the processes are done by hand, from harvesting pineapples and pink berries to jarring.


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Data sheet

Reference CEAB220
Poids Net 220gr
Origine Madagascar
Énergie (KJ/Kcal) 1079/258
dont sucres (g) 51
Protéines (g) 0,3
Fibres ‹ 0,5
Lipides (g) 0,1
Glucides (g) 63,73

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