Pineapple Jam


Ilanga Nature's Pineapple Jam takes you on a pure escapism and relaxation moment. Our raw materials are all carefully selected, harvested by hand and following a traditional know-how. 100% natural and pesticide free, our Pineapple Jam contains real fresh fruit chips that will seduce you with its refreshing scent and exotic flavor.


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Pineapple Jam is a fresh, natural fruit jam. It is delicately prepared enhancing all its flavour.

Madagascar, rich soil, sun-drenched fruits

Pineapple is a crunchy, juicy fruit, an icon of exoticism. Our pineapples are hand-picked in Manakara region, where they are exposed to the sun until they ripe. The freshly picked fruits are cooked at the right temperature in copper pots to keep all their nutrients. All ingredients are carefully mixed to preserve the genuine taste of the fruit and its benefits.

Pineapple Jam to be enjoyed without moderation

With its slightly sourish taste, Pineapple Jam can be used in sweet-sour sauces. You can also put them on your canapés to bring a sweet note to your appetizers. It can replace chutneys too. You can enjoy Pineapple Jam at any time: at breakfast, dessert or snack time.


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Data sheet

Reference CEAN220
Poids Net 220gr
Origine Madagascar
Énergie (KJ/Kcal) 1079/258
dont sucres (g) 51
Protéines (g) 0,3
Fibres ‹ 0,5
Lipides (g) 0,1
Glucides (g) 63,73

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