Lychee Jam


Madagascar lychee is known throughout the world for its gourmet sweetness and its exotic look. Ilanga Nature has discovered a new way to enjoy these wonders of Nature at any time of the year. Ilanga Nature Lychee Jam is prepared from true fruits grown in eastern Madagascar, in Moramanga, where they are particularly succulent. Picked and sorted by hand and then meticulously prepared before cooking, this Jam preserves all the primary flavors of the fruit and you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime.


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A small, fleshy red fruit with a rough skin: this is how lychee is often described. Beyond this description, it should be noted that it is the best exotic fruit, typical to the Indian Ocean, and more precisely to Madagascar. Lychee grows in many parts of the Great Island, from north to east, and it appeals to everyone. Naturally sweet, this fruit gives a very tasty jam.

Lychee, a symbol of Malagasy diversity

Hot and humid climate and fertile soils favour the growth of forests with a multitude of exotic trees. Among these are the lychee trees. Lychee is mostly found in the eastern part of Madagascar. But it is not the only region blessed by Mother Nature. The lychees of our delicious jam come from our fields on the east coast of the island, in Moramanga. The freshly picked fruits are carefully sorted before cooking. They are delivered to your home in a jar full of delicacies. As fragrant as Passion Fruit Jam, this exotic jam is a delight for the palate.

Lychee Jam for gourmet moments

Lychee Jam is highly appreciated for its sweetness at breakfast or for relieving children's hunger at snack time. Meanwhile, a growing number of top chefs now use Lychee Jam to add an exotic touch to savoury dishes. That is certainly why it is famous. Its freshness and delicacy make it a delight to the palate. Present at snack time, diner, aperitif or buffet, Lychee Jam has become a must-have for everyday treats. A small saucer of fruit jam will accompany foie gras, duck breasts and crunchy raw vegetables.


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  • Anonymous


    J'ai découvert a confiture de Litchi avec Ilanga Nature et depuis je ne m'en passe plus !
  • Anonymous


    Un délice !! La description, sur l étiquette du produit n est pas du tout galvaudée: on a la sensation de manger le fruit!!! Cette expérience m a donné envie de tester d autres produits, notamment les miels d eucalyptus et de litchi + d offrir des coffret

Data sheet

Reference CELI220
Poids Net 220gr
Conditionnement Bocal en verre
Origine Madagascar
Énergie (KJ/Kcal) 1144/269
dont sucres (g) 59,8
Protéines (g) 0,7
Lipides (g) 0,1
Glucides (g) 66,1

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