Jujube Honey


Jujube honey is undisputably amidst Ilanga specials. Jujube tree may be found in tropical and sub tropical countries. In Madagascar, their tasty fruits – jujube – are strikingly juicy and delicious. Ilanga wants you to discover this quite unknown fruit bearing unrivalled flavours and has then prepared this honey.



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Jujube Honey is sweet with an unparalleled flavour. It is very efficient against liver diseases. It is known to cure skin diseases and diabetes. It is also believed to have aphrodisiac properties.

Honey that inspires joy and festivity

With its woody and fruity notes, Jujube Honey is slightly similar to Cactus Honey. ts exquisite flavour comes from the traditional harvesting method with no use of machine. Enjoy it with some cheese, fresh bread or a simple glass of lemon tea. Malagasy farmers also eat it with the morning « sosoa », rice porridge. It is the most appreciated breakfast in the Highlands of Madagascar. Its sweetness will delight the palate. Rich in fatty acids, glucose and vitamins, this honey is perfect for children.

Jujube Honey, a rare and world’s most coveted honey

Sidr tree or wild jujube tree has been known for centuries for its great healing properties. In the Sura, the Koran refers to the benefits of this rare honey. It would exist in Heaven. Jujube Honey can accelerate the healing process of various diseases. Bees fly over large distances to extract this nectar from jujube trees. The nectar is so intense that many bees can only make an average of 10 trips in their lifetime. Also called Sidr Maliky or royal jujube, this honey comes from thorny shrubs. Their fruit, the jujube, has a reddish colour.


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Data sheet

Reference MJ250
Availability date: 2021-05-05
Poids Net 250gr
Conditionnement Bocal en verre
Origine Madagascar
Énergie (KJ/Kcal) 1381/330
Matières grasses (g) 0,33
Glucides (%) 79
Protéines (g) 0,6
N° de lot

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