Madagascar, the treasures island

Madagascar is located at 18 degree south latitude and 47 degree east longitude, 400 kilometres from the east African coastline. The Great Red Island was discovered by the prominent navigators of the past centuries. As they sailed the oceans in search of new lands and opened new sea routes such as the East and West Indies, they discovered the Red Island.

Madagascar, where each product tells a story

On the sea routes, every beautiful island discovered is unique by their diversity and natural resources. As such, Madagascar ports, springboards of discovery, became the gateways to flavours and contrasts peculiar to the Great Island, where each region has its own colours, riches, flavours, aromas and landscapes. Food enthusiasts and curious explorers discovered the original flavours of countless spices. From this wonder mixed with emotions came the desire to share these treasures from which each flavour turns into a feeling of travel, discovery and dreams.

TLand of natural and exotic flavours

Around 1680, in Northern Madagascar, a brotherhood of pirates, singing a hymn to freedom, racial, gender and religious equality, settled down in Diego-Suarez. The community hid in an ideal and revolutionary republic called Libertalia the world’s greatest treasure. Is this a fairy tale or a legend?
With its outstanding range of spices and honey, ILANGA NATURE proves to you that it is indeed a reality!