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About us

ILANGA NATURE is born from the idea of an explorer of modern times. Crisscrossing the islands, he decided to settle on two of them to plant, collect and harvest the best of their flavors and scents. We will make you dream of unbelievable escapades to other shores in the sun, infusing your dreams of vanilla, cinnamon and golden honey.

The treasures of the islands we wish to share with you

Its spices, nectars from wild hives, olive oil and fruit are treasures we want to share with you. 

Discover them, with our pledge of nature and traceability. Relish them in the secret of your kitchen, with your eyes closed and a spoon in your mouth. Our products will take you on a journey for the senses and taste buds. ILANGA NATURE obtains their unique flavours in Madagascar, Mauritius, Sardinia and other parts of the world where the best products to taste are found. Then, we put these natural products at your disposal in the best conditions. Natural and organic, from a fair trade working with small producers, you get the best of their lands and their expertise inherited from many generations. It’s thanks to all this that your table can have these products with exquisite taste and great rarity. Also, we provide you with the authentic taste of the country!

The causes we care about

Involved in various projects in Madagascar, ILANGA NATURE participates in the development of beekeeping, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and several NGOs. The aim is to re-professionalize this sector, allowing the rural population to benefit from stable employment and a better standard of living. From this will was born the sponsorship of hives. This initiative is aimed at those who want to participate in the growth of our beekeepers and discover in return the unique taste of their honey. 

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