Our values

Our values

The very essence of ILANGA NATURE is the quality of the product, the choice and the respect of the raw materials. Our promise: unique and authentic flavours, to accompany your gourmet moments.

Our quality and equity charter

All these «nuggets» were chosen with the same requirements of quality, authenticity and transparency.

To achieve this, we focused on rare origins and local producers. From meetings to favourites, more than 60 savoury and sweet references have been created. Excellence and craftsmanship make order reign on our 2.0 shelves!!!

In constant yearning for perfection and exaltation of nature, ILANGA NATURE reveals the character of the raw materials with subtlety.

Responsible and committed, we support, respecting the environment and the people. Because we owe everything to nature, it is our duty to protect it.

Each and every raw material is delicately extracted from forests and vast plains. We respect the natural flow of the seasons by actively contributing to the preservation of endemic species. It is by taming the whims of nature that all its wealth is revealed.

A product, a journey, Nature in a jar

Thus we contribute not only to the discovery of these places through their gastronomy and natural resources, but also to their development. This is done through our lasting and courteous collaboration with dairy producers, the authentic guardians of these treasures.

ILANGA NATURE attaches great importance to work ethic, hence our will to respect the requirements of fair and solidarity trade and to undertake a responsible and ecological approach.

Freed from the dictates of distribution, ILANGA NATURE sees in this new era a place of discovery that values the production withf transparency.

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