Wild Honey from Rainforest 28Kg


Rain Forests wild honey takes its name from the deep forests located in the South-East of Madagascar, between Fort Dauphin and Manakara. In this part of the island, weather and environmental conditions are perfect to obtain a honey of utmost quality, of an undisputed flavor and endowed with all the benefits of Mother Nature. Our Honey contains the delicate scent of these forests and its taste, both rich and unctuous, smooth and sugary, is a real treat for young and old.


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We collect Rainforest Wild Honey from deep forests in the South-East of de Madagascar. The multi-flower honey comes from hives located between Fort Dauphin and Manakara.

Rainforest Wild Honey flavoured with tropical and endemic flowers

Madagascar forests are hunting grounds for unique and tasty honey. Our Rainforest Wild Honey is a rare honey that only exists in the Great Island. The same is true for Wild Honey from Dry Forests . Its intense green colour comes from the rich floral diversity of Southeastern Madagascar. The weather conditions, including sunny seasons and tropical rains, and the rich soil fine-tune the quality of the honey.

It is a valuable natural sugar, a source of pride for the island. Discover this country rich in endemic flora through its honey.

It is greatly appreciated for its exceptional sweet taste and delicate floral notes. It is as efficient in various home remedies as delicious in gourmet recipes. Rainforest Wild Honey wonderfully enhances your teas. It satisfies your need for sugar at any time of the day. You can eat it by the spoonful or on a slice of bread.

This pure natural honey has kept all its virtues and is the best ally for your health. Our mission is to make all the virtues available to you. It eases sore throats, coughs, bruises and swelling. It is also the best honey for your homemade beauty products.


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Data sheet

Reference PMSFH28000
Poids Net 28Kg
Conditionnement Sceau
Origine Madagascar
Énergie (KJ/Kcal) 1344/321
Matières grasses (g) 0,43
Glucides (%) 78
dont sucres (g) 71
Protéines (g) 0,7

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