Ilanga Nature – Natural Ethic Food

ILANGA NATURE Project has been brought by a passionate modern islands explorer, who finally selected two of them to become his land base: collect and reap the finest selection of the locality fine flavours and seasonal scents.
Spices, premium nectars of wild beehives, olive oil and fruits are modern treasures. An adventure through which we invite you to discover with our nature anchor and our traceability guarantee. Enjoy our selection inside the secret of your cooking…your eyes shut…a spoon in your mouth.

Ilanga Nature - Natural & Ethic Food

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“A small gesture for man, a big step for humanity.”

ILANGA NATURE honoured to participate in a common and rewarding project. The main objective of that joint initiative is not fully commercial. Be pleased to be involved and take part in the protection and preservation of the environment and the development of the local producers.

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