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Your 7 fruits a day…And what if you could enjoy them in different ways! We offer you the jam version fruit under the best conditions on ILANGA NATURE.



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Our exotic jams from Madagascar

Discover Madagascar: its primary and humid forests, its fertile land and wide open spaces. Here abound juicy, sweet fruits, bathing in the tropical climate and long sunny days, allowing for succulent exotic jams. Our fruits were carefully hand-picked in our wild plantations. Lulled by the whispers of the Indian Ocean’s seasons, ILANGA NATURE is devoted entirely to a devouring passion, that of homemade jam, of all jams, in all their aspects.

Our Extra jams: more than 50% fruit

Our exotic jams are true fruit concentrates, exquisite treats from the very nature reserve of Madagascar: the forest. Our exotic jams are real fruit co, exquisite sweets from the own reserve of Malagasy nature: the forest.ncentrésNous selections of exceptional products to make the ephemeral flavor of Malagasy fruits…of the indulgences of eternity. For freshness and out of respect for nature, we work only seasonal fruits from a reasoned agriculture on land virgin of any pesticide. ILANGA NATURE composed with love his collection, exotic and variegated: from the great classics to the most singular mixtures. Discover new flavors including some well thought out compositions with spices, honeys and other surprises. Enjoy the fruits hidden in the forests and plains of the Great Island: banana, mango, lychee, passion fruit...Each jam is a journey to distant lands. Many fragrances, succulent confidences, blackberries and sweet secrets!

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