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Transport yourself to far-off lands through our varied gift packs of honey and spices in a beautiful array of colour.


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Our gift packs with exotic flavours

We have picked the best flavours of the islands. We have carefully disposed them into nice boxes for unique gifts. Offer your loved ones a trip under the tropical sun. With our honey and spices, enjoy the true flavours of nature in each Ilanga Nature jar.

Our Gift Packs of pure and natural honey from Madagascar

Honey is synonymous with sweetness, symbol of a relentless determination, and is also a health and beauty ally. Our Honey Gift Packs offer you in one box various rare, pure and natural honeys of Madagascar. The Red Island is a blessed land with many spots still unknown to the world. Our hives are free from the noise and smoke of the city. The island’s wild forests allow bees to freely forage flowers and produce 100% natural honeys. From Eucalyptus, Niaouli, Mokarana, Jujube tree, Cactus, Pink Berries, or Lychee, our single-flower honeys guarantee you all the finest flavours and virtues. Our highlands multi-flower honey, dry forest wild honey, and rainforest wild honey offer an escape to the heart of the island’s meadows and forests with unique fauna.

Our Spice Gift Packs carefully selected for their freshness

To satisfy chefs and food enthusiasts, our packs include a range of top-quality spice jars. The spices are harvested by hand and processed with the highest care. In these jars, we have preserved all the flavour, aroma, characteristics and virtues of every spice. Each of these spices is pure and manually selected to offer you the best berries and the most fragrant barks. Vanilla, Combava, Cinnamon, Coriander, Turmeric, Pink Berries… the most exquisite aromas can be found in our lovely Gift Packswith typical island spices.

The most delightful flavours of Madagascar in their lovely boxes are made available to everyone from everywhere.

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