Honey is the must-have liquid gold of all kitchens. It is unique in terms of taste and benefits. Enjoy all the wonder in our natural, rare and exotic honey from Madagascar.



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Honey, from the roots

First, bee has been a goddess venerated throughout the ages. Then, honey is an elixir of life with infinite medicinal virtues. Like the Dry forest wild honey, Madagascar’s honey has Also been a women’s beauty ally for thousands of years.
Over centuries, a special relationship has developed between bees and endemic flora in Madagascar. Madagascar’s honey is now synonymous with far-off trips, and a blend of rare flowers from the island. There, bees freely forage wildflowers with no pesticides. Its secrets are well-preserved by a small number of local beekeepers. They are hidden in the natural setting of the eastern primary forests, and in the high mountains of the far north.
As a modern elixir of life, honey heals many diseases thanks to its countless natural virtues.

Madagascar’s honey and its outstanding flavours

ILANGA NATURE, a new honey researcher, wants to take you to Madagascar through its rare and natural honey with enchanting names. Directly harvested from traditional productions in remote parts of the island, our honey from Madagascar stands for humanist and protective ideals:

  • preserving local beekeeping techniques
  • safeguarding Madagascar’s endemic ecosystem
  • maintaining rare and original flavours

Along with travel and exoticism as our essence, we offer honey with unparalleled taste and aroma. Whether you are a curious novice or an experienced connoisseur, we want to surprise you. In order to do so, we offer you Madagascar’s honey as you have never had it before.

A honey from Madagascar, a travel: That’s our pledge!

Bees deserve our full attention as they are vital to ecosystem balance. We also aim to perpetuate longstanding know-how. For this reason, we would like your help in contributing to the preservation of the endemic wildlife sanctuaries of the Great Island. ILANGA NATURE will give you full information about each of its Madagascar’s honey: its history, its virtues, and its colours. We will introduce you to Madagascar’s endemic essences and fragrances, its flowers, and its secrets

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