ILANGA NATURE offers you the best scents and flavors of Madagascar. In powder, grains or sticks, our spices from Madagascar have kept all their benefits. They are available in several formats to meet all needs, whether those of individuals or professionals.



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The spices of Madagascar

An epicurean epicurean and merchant explorer of modern times, ILANGA NATURE goes to meet the Malagasy territory and the ancient spice route, to tell you about his travels. A land of authentic flavours, whether it is the detour of a vegetable garden, a walk in the forest, the colourful paths of local markets of Zoma or the traditional cuisine of the Mamabe (grandmothers), Madagascar tells in its contrasts, its singularity and its exceptional fragrances.

Meeting people and cultures with our spices

The spices of the Great Island guide our adventurous steps to meet men and cultures. From their ancestral know-how, from peppers as far as the eye can see, preserved in the natural sanctuary of production. ILANGA NATURE has a special importance for the preservation of these lands. As a result, it works with small local producers in favour of fair and reasoned agriculture. We brought back these treasures from the most beautiful spice gardens on Red Island. 

Whether it is simple seeds, berries, roots or the bark of plants. Spices told the story before their use was daily in our kitchens. In small pots full of dreams, sunshine and new flavours, ILANGA NATURE signs a whole line of fine and divine spices. 

A taste of paradise! This is what spices bring to your dishes

The art of cooking lies in the ephemeral, in the moment when colors delight, where flavors are imagined, where the desire to taste is irresistible. Spices exalt this moment and after, it’s the taste discovery...Feast, see the dish empty and the table filled! From wild black pepper to precious pink berries, this is a real Malagasy culinary journey that we invite you to take.

ILANGA NATURE ,sourcer of flavor delivers you the secrets of the four corners of Madagascar in your plate.

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